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A Background on Borneo Kratom..

Part of the same botanical family as coffee, Kratom (common name Mitragyna speciosa) has been naturally occurring in the ancient forests of Borneo for thousands of years, where natives utilize the leaves in their shamanic circles for the energizing as well as euphoric effects and have known for centuries of its medicinal potentials. As a country, Borneo has successfully employed Kratom for its medicinal functions and has developed an acceptance of its many favorable applications, particularly in harvesting and other outdoor work where extra energy is desired. All available varieties of Borneo Kratom are cultivated in the region of the island owned by Indonesia and later shipped out to other countries from ports in nearby countries such as Bali and Thailand.


All Kratom strains share general beneficial properties such as analgesic pain relief and mood elevation while having its own particular characteristic:

Maeng-Da – Provides strength and endurance for both physical and mental activities, along with a positive sense of well-being and enthusiasm.

Red vein – Promotes intense pain relief and relaxation effects, along with any benefits to mind and body that could be classified as “calming.” This includes stress and anxiety relief, muscle relaxation, and lowering of blood pressure.

White vein – Promotes extra energizing effects, and all benefits that fall under the category of “stimulating.” This includes physical and mental energy, euphoria, increased concentration and focus.

Green Vein – Considered by many to be a naturally-occurring hybrid of the other two main strains, this strain is known to provide a harmonious blend of all benefits associated with red and white strains.


The results that customers can expect from our various strains are based on the amount of each alkaloid that is present in their chosen product. Alkaloids are naturally-occurring chemical compounds found in plants and made up of basic nitrogen atoms. They are useful in many helpful ways due to the distinct and easily detectable physiological responses that they produce. Researchers have discovered all Kratom leaves contain at least 25 different alkaloids and find that Kratom harvested in Borneo has the highest percentages of 7-Hydroxymitragynine and 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine, both considered effective painkillers.

The old-growth Borneo forests where we harvest our Kratom are known for their mature trees that bear older leaves which provide a richer alkaloid profile than younger kratom leaves. The result is a high-quality product that generates a more powerful aroma than other Indonesian Kratom varieties. This assures all our Kratom varieties are the most potent, alkaloid-packed products available to our customers.

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Five Star Kratom

“Our Kratom is sourced from and cultivated in a family owned farm in the Southeast Asian Island of Borneo which is in the Indonesian region. After visiting several farms in Southeast Asia we decided on a source that takes quality control seriously. Our ultra fine powder is the purest, freshest highest alkaloid Kratom available in the market. We guarantee your satisfaction.”


We are always in stock with all 4 of their Kratom strains at any of our locations in St. Pete , Holiday , Port Richey and Spring Hill Florida locations .