2018 Car Meet & Vape Competition @ Smokin Pipes Port Richey

Smokin’ Pipes Smoke Shop Port Richey will be hosting another FREE car meet & Vape Competition!


We will have drinks for sale inside!

We look forward to meeting new people with the same interests and showing off our rides! Please share the event page with all of your friends!

We do have to lay down some ground rules! In order to keep this car meet going and to make sure it’s successful we need everyone to cooperate! Let’s respect Smokin’ Pipes!
* No burn outs
* No two step
* No racing (take it to the track)
* No littering
* No alcohol
* No drugs

Winner of Vape competition will receive a gift certificate which can be redeemed at any of your Smoke Shop locations.

Please join our Facebook event page for updates. here >  https://www.facebook.com/events/645065749184636/